Before Our Session….

By now, we have selected a date and you have been penciled into my calendar. To hold the date, the sitting fee must be paid within 1 business day. If the retainer is not received within this timeframe, the date is opened up to other clients. We don’t want that to happen!

We will also discuss and select a location, do you want a traditional grass and foliage backdrop or something more urban?  I send my high school senior clients a questionnaire to better understand what you’re looking for in a portrait session. I’ll then make some recommendations on a location and you can decide which best suits your wants. 

Wardrobe! A cohesive and beautiful photo has a lot to do with your photographer but it is also vitally important to coordinate your family’s dress for the day. Gone are the days of white shirts + jeans for a family photo. I have a detailed email regarding wardrobe for the entire family. Essentially, we want to match, without being matchy-matchy! How do you achieve that? I recommend one patterned piece for someone in the family and using three colors to build everyone’s outfits from there. We like to “spread the color” around on top, bottom, and with accessories!

For my seniors, I have the coveted and adored What to Wear Guide. It is full of information on choosing colors that best suit your skintone, eye color, and selecting clothing specific to  your body shape. Everyone LOVES this piece and they often refer back to it while shopping or perusing their closets before a session.

During Our Session…

For Families & Children….

I like to stay in one location, and photograph you interacting with one another. I will take a variety of poses and candid shots: just kids, just mom & dad, children with parents, etc… You might find yourself playing peek-a-boo, ring around the Rosie, or sit on the blanket cuddle. I like to use natural light and scenery to frame the shot and to show your family’s personality. I want you to be as relaxed as possible and to capture the real ‘you!’

After our Session…

Your compulsive Facebook or email checking begins…. I will usually go home right away and download your photographs. I can’t help myself and will already have an image in mind that I want to send you as a sneak peek! I use Instagram Stories to share some behind the scenes, before and afters, and to show some straight from the camera sneak peeks! I am usually excited about our session and can’t wait to get started as much as you are eager to see what I captured from our time together.

When your gallery is finished being edited, I will set up a date and time for your Reveal & Ordering Session. This is the most fun- it will take place in the comfort of your own home. We’ll pile on the couch and watch a slideshow of the images set to music. Afterward, I will show you my specialty products that are offered from my professional printing house. We’ll find your favorite images and decide which ones you’d like for digital download and which you want to order in print to enjoy everyday!

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